Counter Top Baby Changing Unit MT80

The MT80 provides a safe, durable baby changing facility where wall-mounted units are not practical. Extra deep sides increase safety and eliminate the hazards associated with the use of straps.

  • Brand: Magrini
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  • Dimensions: 780mm x 565mm x 160mm
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  • RRP: £169.00


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The MT80 fits a standard 600mm deep counter-top to provide a safe, durable baby changing facility in public washrooms. No surface fixings ensure a completely hygienic finish.

The MT80 is designed with oversize barriers for enhanced primary safety. This eliminates the entanglement hazards associated with the use of straps.

The MT80 fully complies with BS EN 12221:2008 + A1:2013. 

Hazardous substances: all Magrini changing units are certified free from pesticides and antimicrobial additives. They do not contain Microban or Triclosan.

Magrini MT80 counter top baby changing unit features:

  • Durable, solid moulding
  • No surface fixing screws ensure a hygienic finish
  • Easy-fit system for quick installation
  • Extra deep barriers eliminate the need for straps
  • Fits a standard 600mm counter top 
  • Available in White Fleck or Oatmeal 
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


 Width Height  Depth  Weight  Safety Standard 
 780mm 165mm  560mm  8kg  BS EN 12221:2008+ A1:2013



Specification Clause – Manufacturer: Magrini Ltd.,

Tel: 01543 375311 Fax: 01543 361172. Counter mounted baby changing unit, Ref:MT80. Size 780mm (width), 165mm (height), 560mm (depth). Material: MDPE with 2 steel structured frames. Colour option: Oatmeal or White Fleck. Installation kit as supplied by manufacturer. Fully compliant with BS EN 12221:2008 + A1:2013

  • BS EN 12221:2008 + A1:2013
  • EN71-3 Migration of certain elements