Out & About: Commercial Baby Changing Facilities For Parents On The Go

Out & About: Commercial Baby Changing Facilities For Parents On The Go

Commercial baby changing units help you create family friendly spaces on your premises, which can be commercially beneficial. Find out more about the Magrini range today.  

It can definitely feel like modern parents have more on their plates than their grandparents did, with pressures to have it all - an active social life, successful career, and happy, healthy children - meaning that mums and dads from all walks of life are often feeling the strain. Something as simple as leaving the house with little ones in tow can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure there will be an adequate spot for nappy changing should the need arise.

For many parents, access to baby changing facilities is high on their list when it comes to choosing places to shop, eat, and go about their daily business. We’re not saying that providing good changing facilities is the answer to all of life’s challenges, but they certainly go a long way to reducing the stress that many parents do feel when out and about with baby, and help you create commercially beneficial family-friendly spaces.

To help you offer top notch facilities to your patrons and visitors, we have put together a selection of high quality commercial baby changing units in a variety of models. These innovative designs give optimum performance, and are sure to enhance any washroom.

Which commercial baby changing unit is right for you?

Designed with convenience and hygiene in mind, our commercial baby changing units are a welcome sight to parents in need and are available in a range of specifications to suit all washrooms.

  • Commercial horizontal baby changing units - Our commercial horizontal baby changing units are compact and stylish, manufactured in the highest quality materials and comply with all the latest safety features. For example, the Magrini MH42 Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Unit has extra deep sides, meaning straps are not needed, so there is no danger of entanglement. It can handle an impressive 80kg load, and a gas strut opening and closing system makes using this unit a breeze.
  • Commercial vertical baby changing units for small spaces - Vertical wall mounted baby changing units are a wonderful space saving option; they’re perfect for smaller washrooms, and allow installation of baby changing facilities in areas where a horizontal unit will not fit. They are capable of bearing a static weight of up to 80kg, so choosing a vertical unit does not mean compromising on performance.

Other baby changing units in the Magrini range

If these don’t sound like the right fit for your washrooms, you may well prefer one of our alternative styles of commercial baby changing unit. The MT80 Counter Top Changing Unit is ideal if wall mounting your unit is not an option. Like the horizontal and vertical units above, it features extra deep sides in place of straps. It fits standard 600mm countertops, and there are no surface fittings which gives an incredibly hygienic finish.

Our most robust commercial baby changing unit is the MC75 in stainless steel. Highly resistant to vandalism and built to withstand abuse, this unit is ideal for unsupervised areas and areas without CCTV, making it a very popular option in public spaces.

Choosing your new commercial baby changing units with Magrini

Whether you opt for commercial horizontal baby changing units or a vertical or counter-top design, you can be assured that your new changing unit is of the highest quality and has been tested rigorously.

They are easy to keep clean and hygienic and all are designed and manufactured here in the UK. The units are certified free from pesticides and antimicrobial additives and do not contain Microban or Triclosan.

Our units are compliant with BS EN 12221:2008 +A1:2013 guidelines, giving you absolute peace of mind. If you need complete copies, these are available on request.

Contact us today for more on our baby changing units

If you have any questions or comments regarding our commercial changing units, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us online or by telephone.