Commercial Frozen Drinks Machines

Magrini have a range of frozen drinks machines suitable for the commercial market. Whether you are looking for a frozen drinks machine that can produce speciality cocktails such as frozen margaritas, or a granita or sorbet making machine for special frozen desserts, you will find high quality machines that offer great value for money. For example, the Sorby Dream machine enables a high output of granita, whilst the GT Touch offers five different textures and temperatures of drinks from one machine.

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Expand Your Drinks Menu With A Frozen Drinks Machine

A frozen drinks machine may be just the thing that your business needs to help bring new faces into your café, bar, hotel or restaurant. Knowing that customers will get to enjoy a tasty frozen beverage can add that special touch and set your establishment apart. With so many restaurants all offering fantastic food these days, a new and exciting drinks menu as a result of your frozen drinks machine can give you that extra competitive edge.

Alternatively, a frozen drinks machine may be exactly what you need to not only keep existing customers coming back more often, but to also target a new market entirely. Maybe you're a boutique café and you are looking to push your business to new heights. How about investing in a commercial frozen drinks machine to diversify your drinks menu a little more? Adding a selection of frozen drinks can help attract an audience who enjoy a coffee shop chat but don't drink hot drinks.

Commercial Granita Machines

Our frozen drinks machines are great for making special frozen cocktails, but they are also perfect for producing delicious frozen yoghurt, cold cream, sorbets and granitas. Granitas are an ice-based Mediterranean dessert which are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and can be made quickly and easily using our machines.

Magrini have been supplying specialist catering equipment to commercial businesses in the hospitality industry since our company was founded in 1976. As a result, we possess a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows us to not only provide customers with the best selection of frozen drinks machines, but also the best selection for business owners who are looking for a commercial frozen drinks machine that is especially suitable for use inside a busy kitchen environment. If you would like any assistance when it comes to choosing your perfect frozen drinks or frozen dessert machines then please do get in touch with us.