Magrini Life Latte Art Coffee Machine - Perfect Milk, Perfect Espresso, Perfectly Clean

The Latte Art range of espresso machines have pioneering innovative features to help you deliver the highest quality coffee drinks every time

The Magrini Life Latte Art range of espresso machines combines the reliability of well-built equipment with state-of-the-art technology and innovation

  • Available in 1 group, 2 group 3 group and high group models
  • Latte Art steam wand delivers professional milk quality in the jug
  • 4 different milk temperatures and textures 
  • Unique "Self Tamping" coffee group guarantees perfect extraction
  • Digital display and user friendly buttons
  • Programmable hot water
  • Automatic cleaning cycle
  • GIDR and PID systems ensure boiler temperature stability whilst providing exceptional pressure for steam
  • Eco mode button for energy saving
 No of Groups  Width Height  Depth  Weight  Electrical loading  Boiler Capacity 
 1 Group  430mm  510mm  510mm  42kg  2.1kW  5.8 litre
 2 Group  710mm  510mm  510mm  70kg  3.1kW  10 litre
 3 Group  940mm  510mm  510mm  89kg  4.0kW  16.5 litre
 2 Group High   710mm  570mm  510mm  70kg  3.1kW  10 litre