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The Magrini range of commercial coffee machines was created to eliminate the problem of inconsistent coffee. Our hot beverage machines include commercial espresso machines with self-tamping systems and automatic milk foaming, as well as filter coffee makers for high-volume, high-quality breakfast service. Browse our selection of commercial coffee equipment to get the right equipment for your business. Whether you're searching for commercial coffee machines, large capacity water boilers, or hot chocolate machines, you can be sure that any Magrini hot beverages equipment will have cutting-edge technology to improve your coffee preparation experience.

Innovative Commercial Blenders By Magrini

The Magrini range of commercial blenders aim to give business owners all the reliability and consistency they need to meet customers’ high standards. Specially developed for use in demanding commercial settings, the range offers high end features which are perfectly suited to front or back of house operation. They are ideal for making soups, smoothies, blended drinks such as iced coffee, milkshakes, and for general blending purposes. In order to provide an exceptional range with plenty of versatility each blender has been hand selected by our team.

You will find that our range of commercial blenders offer some brilliant and innovative features that can help streamline the way your team operates. For example one of our newest additions - the Magrini B285 Quiet Blender with App - allows you to create custom blends which can then be uploaded to the blender via Bluetooth. This allows you to share recipes across multiple sites with ease, ensuring a perfectly consistent service. The powerful motor makes short work of fruits, vegetables, ice and other tough ingredients and a Dynamic Spin feature means the blades never need sharpening.

Choosing Your New Heavy Duty Blenders

Commercial blenders need to be robust and reliable enough to handle even your most demanding recipes. You will find our range of heavy duty blenders offer excellent blending power, high quality accessories, and a selection of innovative features designed for convenience and simplicity. In addition to our impressive range of heavy duty catering blenders, we also provide a superior customer service experience. If you are not sure which of our Magrini commercial blenders will be your perfect match then please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our specialists are always happy to assist with correct product selection.

If you are also looking for commercial juicers, coffee machines, frozen drinks machines and childcare equipment for your establishment then Magrini can help. For more information on our heavy duty blenders and other products, or if you need a little help choosing between models, then do contact us at your convenience. Our normal office hours are Monday to Thursday 9am–5pm, and Friday 9am–4pm.

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Magrini products are used in restaurants, hospitals, shops, leisure centres, hotels, offices and showrooms, in fact anywhere where there is commercial benefit in providing childcare or catering facilities.


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