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The Magrini range of commercial coffee machines was created to eliminate the problem of inconsistent coffee. Our hot beverage machines include commercial espresso machines with self-tamping systems and automatic milk foaming, as well as filter coffee makers for high-volume, high-quality breakfast service. Browse our selection of commercial coffee equipment to get the right equipment for your business. Whether you're searching for commercial coffee machines, large capacity water boilers, or hot chocolate machines, you can be sure that any Magrini hot beverages equipment will have cutting-edge technology to improve your coffee preparation experience.

Restaurant High Chairs

Our catalogue of high chairs offers the perfect solution for restaurants (or indeed any business in the hospitality industry) looking for children's seating which is durable, easy to store and is compliant with all of the latest BS EU safety regulations. Commercial high chairs need to withstand the rigours of daily use so it is important that you opt for high chairs that are reliable, robust and practical. This will help ensure that your chosen chairs will offer your customers safe and reliable child seating over the lifespan of the product.

Investing in Magrini restaurant high chairs will pay dividends in the long run as you will not need to replace them as often as with high chairs designed for domestic use. All of our stackable high chairs offer excellent stability thanks to a wide stance design.

Our range includes high quality plastic and wooden restaurant high chairs which are suitable for both contemporary and more traditionally styled premises. Our plastic high chairs are designed with moulded-in colour meaning that they won't peel or flake, and our wooden high chairs are manufactured with a hard wearing finish to provide exceptional durability.

Stackable High Chairs

Stackable high chairs offer a space saving means of storing your high chairs while taking up a minimal amount of floor space. What's great about the Breeze stacking chairs is that they are lightweight and front loading, meaning that you don't have to worry about lifting each of your high chairs up and over one another, and they can be safely stacked and unstacked by one person.

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Magrini products are used in restaurants, hospitals, shops, leisure centres, hotels, offices and showrooms, in fact anywhere where there is commercial benefit in providing childcare or catering facilities.


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