July 7, 2022

Smoothies: is frozen fruit good for you?

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June 28, 2022

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The debate between fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables has been ongoing for a long time. They both have a place in the world, it just depends on what you are aiming for. Some smoothie ingredients can last longer than others, some taste different after being frozen. A commercial blender machine is designed to work with either frozen or fresh fruits and vegetables. If you are struggling to decide what is the best option for you, here are some key points to consider.

Fresh fruit is easier for marketing

This may be more subjective, or possibly your customers perception, but people prefer the taste of fresh fruit. Many nutrition professionals recommend eating fresh foods over frozen and this perception is essentially free marketing. The word fresh comes with positive emotions, therefore you will attract more health-conscious customers.

Fresh fruit is softer on the blender machine

The difference is only marginal, but fresh, fleshy fruit is softer on the blender's blades. Most commercial smoothie blenders are designed to work with frozen fruit, so it is best to know what blender you are going to be using. For larger scale operations, where a lot of the fruit will be frozen, you need to invest in a good quality commercial blender machine.

Frozen fruit lasts longer

Fruit doesn’t have a long shelf life. Strawberries will usually stay fresh for around 7 days if kept chilled, or a couple of days if left at room temperature. As long as you don’t defrost them, they can last from to 8 to 12 months in frozen storage. Fruit will keep most, if not all, of its flavour while frozen. Keeping frozen fruit will keep costs for stock lower.  

Frozen fruit retains more nutrients

Fruit straight off the vine, tree, or bushel, will always yield the most nutrition and flavour. As soon as the fruit is picked, it starts to depreciate. Which is why a lot of fresh fruit is prematurely picked, so it lasts longer in storage. Freezing the fruit usually happens as soon as it is picked, allowing for more nutrients to be kept. Which also means the flavour is locked in, making a better experience for your customers.

Frozen fruit generates less waste

As you have more time to use your stock of fruit, you will also waste a lot less of it. Most fruit is seasonal, meaning you can only get it at certain times of the year. Some fresh fruits won’t be available, or will cost considerably more to get hold of. Frozen fruit allows for a consistent flow of stock, leading to less customer disappointment.

Fresh fruit is great, and for home baking and fruit salads, they are the best solution. For smoothies, sauces and sorbets, frozen is going to save your company time and money. At scale, producing smoothies and other blended drinks requires consistent produce and reliable commercial blenders. Frozen fruit will eliminate a lot of variability in the end product, making one off customers, loyal fans of your brand!

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