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A splash of milk is necessary for some of us when it comes to coffee, but in recent years we have seen an increase in the milk alternatives available to us. Whether it be for health or ethical reasons, some people choose to avoid dairy products and opt for a plant-based option instead.

What are the popular milk alternatives?

The most popular plant-based milks are …

  • Oat
  • Soy
  • Coconut
  • Almond

Let’s talk facts

Starting with a steady rise of interest in the 21st Century, the popularity of these alternatives has significantly increased in the last few years. A study shows that one in three Brits now go for plant-based milk and the usage of standard cow’s milk is lower amongst younger consumers. This research complements the prediction that this market is likely to continue growing with no signs of stopping any time soon, especially amongst the younger generations.

Oat Milk wins over the nation

Oat milk is a plant milk with a creamy texture and mild oatmeal-like flavour. A World Coffee Portal survey presented that consumers now prefer oat over coconut milk in coffee shops. Therefore, oat milk has become an important element in successful coffee shops and there is a good demand for you to supply.

If you haven’t heard of the brand Oatly, where have you been?! This company has absolutely dominated the oat milk sector by providing a range of oat-based products to consumers. This is a clear favourite amongst customers, so you could start with their Oat Drink Barista Edition to kick things off and win over your guests.

Why should I offer plant-based milk alternatives?

Introducing a plant-based alternative opens your hospitality doors to a whole new market and can lead to a natural influx of drinks sales. Pair this with a Magrini commercial coffee machine and it’s a recipe for success! Our hot drinks machines are manufactured to consistently make a quality cup of coffee that will leave consumers impressed.

You don’t need to offer every alternative under the sun, but it would definitely be beneficial to stock a few so that if your customers ask, you don’t have to turn them away and disappoint.

Unlike normal dairy milk, the alternatives often have a long shelf-life so you shouldn’t be left with unnecessary amounts of waste. If you communicate your new offerings to customers through new menus, social media announcements and general talking, you can compare sales results and determine if it is something you would like to continue.

Commercial coffee machine suppliers

So, you’ve got a new menu addition but now you need a reliable commercial coffee machine. That’s where Magrini comes in!

When adding plant-based milks to your coffee menu it is important to consider how they will be used. Some plant-based milks taste better at different temperatures to dairy and may require a different level of texturing. Operators should consider dedicated foaming jugs to prepare the milk, either clearly labelled or even different colours.

A coffee machine like the Egro Next can help. The I-Steam function can be individually programmed for different plant-based milks serving them all at the optimum temperature and texture.

The Magrini Life Espresso machine with double Latte Art steam wands also offers this function with the added benefit of having separate steam wands – one for dairy and one for plant.

Magrini successfully supplies commercial hot drinks machines to clients across the UK. Improve your café or restaurant with an automated machine producing quality products, even when things get busy. You don’t want to be introducing these milk alternatives whilst being unable to keep up with demand, that will certainly cause some customer grumbles. Be proud of your menu and confident in knowing you can deliver exceptional drinks.

If you would like more information, please contact our coffee machine suppliers by completing our contact form or calling 01543 375311.

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