July 7, 2022

Smoothies: is frozen fruit good for you?

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June 28, 2022

The 5 best fruit ingredients for every smoothie menu

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March 1, 2022

The growth of milk alternatives

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February 9, 2022

Grow your garden centre this summer

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Why are smoothies popular?

Between family, friends, work, and leisure time, many people are finding less time to get healthy food on the go. Although convenient, fast food doesn’t offer a healthy and well-balanced option for people. Smoothies, and other blended drinks, offer both great taste and needed nutrients. This has led to a growing market of bespoke smoothie shops, and bigger coffee chains offering blended fruit drinks.

If you are looking to add blended drinks to your menu, or start a brand-new venture, there are some key staples you need to offer. The UK market for smoothies is projected to grow by 43% in 2022. You don’t need to overcomplicate it, and you can always improvise to find your unique flavour.


Consistently the most popular fruit used in many smoothies, the banana is tasty, healthy and versatile. Commercial blenders effortlessly reduce the banana into a thick and creamy texture that compliments many other ingredients. Add in almost any liquid into the drinks blender; you can even have it as a standalone ingredient. Bananas are high in potassium, which helps lower the effects of high sodium in your blood; reducing blood pressure.


The second most popular fruit that every commercial smoothie blender company needs is the strawberry. Strawberries are good for your heart health, lower blood pressure, and taste great! The most common fruits paired together are strawberry and banana, so you need to have them on the menu.


For such a low calorie ingredient, blueberries offer loads of health benefits. A lot of drinks on the market can be hyperglycaemic, meaning they can spike blood sugar levels. For diabetic customers, this rules out a lot of options. Blueberries score very low on the glycaemic index, so they can still be enjoyed by almost everyone.


There couldn’t be a smoothie menu without oranges. They are one of the most popular ingredients used at one of the biggest coffee house companies in the world. Orange has long become a staple of many people's diets, as they are a great source of citric acid and vitamin C. If you are purchasing a commercial smoothie blender, then you need orange on your menu.


Usually blended with orange, mango offers a hint of tropical to your smoothie menu. Mango comes packed full of immune boosting nutrients, while remaining low calorie. Due to the taste and association with the tropics, mango is one of the most refreshing fruits available.

As you grow your business, and start using your blender machine more, you will need to diversify the menu. It is better to do a few things perfect than take on too much. These 5 fruits will offer a lot of variety, keep overheads and wastage low, and help you build your brand. You should also consider the commercial blender machine you will use.

A cheaper machine may be less to pay upfront, but could cost more with repairs. A heavy-duty blender will not only last longer, but deliver more consistent, refreshing smoothies that your customers will love!


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