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Summer Highlights - Ice Cream Month

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with an upgraded drinks menu.

Upgrade Your Summer Menu!

British summertime is a bit of a mystery - it can be raining buckets one week and the next we might be treated to blazing hot sunshine. Whatever the weather is doing we all like to make the most of the longer, warmer days and some of our favourite summertime treats are iced blended drinks and ice cream milkshakes. With July being the height of the British summer as well as National Ice Cream Month there has never been a better time to upgrade your menu and add delicious blended cold drinks to your offering!

The secret ingredient to a perfectly blended summer beverage is a blender which can handle whatever ingredients you throw at (or into) it. One of our favourites for commercial outlets is the award winning Magrini Quiet Blender B285 with app. This blender is a high-tec solution which offers excellent consistency and power and can be programmed, customised and updated via a Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone. The unit is also housed in a special casing which dramatically reduces noise, making it perfect for front of house operations.

At Magrini we love our products and know you will too. If you need any assistance in selecting the perfect options for your commercial kitchen, bar or coffee shop then we can help - just give us a call or drop us a message and we will be happy to advise you.

Why not have a go at recreating these summertime treats this July?


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