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Introducing the Magrini Quiet Blender B285

Introducing the latest in quiet blender technology - the Magrini Quiet Blender B285.

Representing a revolution in quiet yet high performance blenders, the Magrini Quiet Blender B285 is the latest addition to the Magrini range of commercial catering equipment. A truly modern appliance, it comes complete with access to a specially designed blender app:

  • Use your tablet or smartphone to program and customise automatic cycles
  • Create an endless catalogue of recipes centrally and share them with multiple blenders via Bluetooth
  • Easy and convenient to share recipes across multiple sites
  • Ideal for businesses with multiple locations and frequent recipe changes

In addition to offering a convenient high tech solution, these blenders also have superior blending power. They are absolutely perfect for whipping up consistently delicious fruit and veg smoothies, blended iced coffee drinks, cocktails and more. As they make use of fully customisable blend profiles you can be assured that every blended recipe you use will be just as good as the last.

Of course, there are plenty of other amazing features designed to meet the needs of the commercial caterer. For example, the system is completed with three 1.5 litre jugs which allow your teams to create a whole menu of blended drinks quickly and easily. The jugs have been re-designed and are now square in addition to being constructed in strong polycarbonate. Furthermore the jugs are stackable, helping your teams to keep their workspace organised. The unit features a 1300W blending motor which makes short work of ice or tough fruits and vegetables for smoothies, and the Dynamic Spin operation means the stainless steel blades will never need sharpening.

One of the main features which sets this superior blender apart from the competition (aside from its superior blending) is the addition of a Silent System cover. This cover allows the blender to operate at much lower decibel levels - something that will be appreciated by your teams and patrons alike! To further reduce the operating volume of this unit the drive socket has been designed to reduce noise and facilitate easy replacement which has the added benefit of reducing blender down time.

Contact Magrini - Experts in commercial catering equipment

The quality of our products is fully backed up by our top class customer service. If you would like any advice when it comes to selecting the perfect commercial blender for your business then do not hesitate to contact a member of the Magrini team. Furthermore, we have a network of technicians should you ever need their support - get in touch to see what Magrini can do for your business!

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