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Magrini Life Espresso Machine - 100 Years In The Making

Magrini and Reneka are celebrating 100 years of coffee-making history.

Founded in 1919 Reneka has established itself amongst the leaders of the coffee machine market in France. It has developed a substantial international business with its range of innovative and stylish commercial espresso machines.

Magrini began its relationship with Reneka in 2003 with the introduction of the Viva espresso machine to the UK market. Reneka had already been in the coffee industry for many years prior to this. They survived the war years halting production in 1939 and re-starting in 1946.

Italian espresso became more widespread by the end of the 1950s. This is when Reneka launched its European range, amazing customers with its ability to make espresso on-demand. By investing in the latest technology Reneka was able to continually improve the performance of its commercial coffee machines and by 1970 the Hydrauto was introduced - a traditional, automatic espresso machine.

The Plus Line

The Plus line was born in 1986 which reinforced the reputation of the Reneka brand with its ability to produce excellent coffee extraction and by 1996 the Viva range was launched which not only produced excellent espresso but also addressed the issue of machine maintenance making its quick and easy for coffee engineers to access the machine.

So by 2003 Magrini could already see how dedicated Reneka were to innovation and design. This gave Magrini confidence that the Reneka range of commercial espresso machines would make an excellent addition of their catering equipment portfolio.

The Viva Range

The Viva range had all the requirements needed to satisfy the expanding UK coffee market in the cafe, hotel and restaurant industries. What also became evident was Reneka’s commitment to the technical reliability of its products and reliable after-sales service.

Today the Viva coffee machine is still in production, although with much improved technology and performance. The Viva has excellent temperature stability, exceptional temperature control and an automatic milk foaming system.

Magrini Life

In 2012 the Magrini Life espresso machine was introduced to the UK market with refined ergonomic design and precision technology. 2015 saw the introduction of Aroma Perfect self-tamping groups and this is now combined with the latest Latte Art automatic milk foaming system. The innovative range includes the Magrini Life Barista Steam coffee machine and the Magrini Life Latte Art coffee machine.

In its current form the Magrini Life espresso machine provides the in-cup quality and reliability of a traditional espresso machine with the ease of use of a fully automatic machine.

The Magrini Life uses the latest technology to make the perfect espresso, produce perfect milk and has an automated cleaning system - all you have to do is pour!

Magrini - Specialists in commercial coffee machines

If you would like more information on any of our innovative coffee machines and other commercial catering equipment then please do get in touch with us. We are more than happy to assist you with product selection and any queries you may have.

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